Giving Circles

The Perennials are the San Antonio Botanical Garden’s most generous annual donors committed to the mission of the Botanical Garden to enrich lives through plants and nature.

For more information, please contact the Development department at 210.536.1406 or [email protected].

Exclusive The Perennials Benefits

All The Perennials members receive a yearlong Botanical Garden membership including:

* Up to 10 children or grandchildren

Benefits subject to change.

Tax Deductible Contribution: Membership benefits of The Perennials may be declined to make your contribution 100% tax deductible. Membership benefits are subject to change.

The Perennials Giving Circles

Lantana Circle

$1,000/One Year | $88.33/Month

Esperanza Circle

$2,500/One Year | $208.33/Month

Hibiscus Circle

$5,000/One Year | $416.66/Month

Laura and Burnell Gates

Erika Ivanyi and Matthias Schubnell
Cynthia and Forrest Miller
Elizabeth and Barry Roberts

Ann G. Ash
Holly and Philip Miller
Susan Wilkins-Geery

Claire and John Alexander
Susan and Ernie Altgelt
Candace Andrews and Uwe Pontius
Katie and Tyson Becker
Kathleen and Jeff Bolner
Elise and Craig Boyan
Katherine and Walter Brown
Lauren and Jay Bullock
the late Laura Cadwallader
Paula and Jim Callaway
Sabina and Tom Carr
Aida Castro-Snyder and Edward Snyder, III
Sarah and Jon Cochran
Charlotte A. Creamer
Mary Anne and Tony Crosby
Wiede and Jon Cutshall
Karen and Joseph Dawson
Caraline and Jay Dewald
James Drought
Ellie and Chuck Du Val
Caroline A. Forgason
Lou Celia and Don Frost
Jana and Jeff Galt
Magdalena and Raul Gaona
Lori Gilbert
Toni and Richard Goldsmith
Karen and Jim Greenwood
Helen K. Groves
Linda and Jack Gunter
Marie Halff
Sharon Hasslen
Karen J. Hixon
Marty and Steve Hixon
Palomita Juana E. Hollin-Avery
Robin and Mark Howard
Jeffrey Johnson
Richard and Jessie Kardys
Brian T. Kelleher
Estee and Luke Kellogg
Margaret and Bill Klesse
Barbara C. Kyse
Catherine and Richard Lange
Jane and Larry Macon
Destiny Maddox
Shari Mao and Erik Weitzel
Elizabeth and Madison Marceau
Celeste and William McEntire
Melinda McFarland and Reid Hartson
Carol and John McGuire
Vicki L. McLaughlin
Toni Mezey
Janet Montagne
Trudy and Ed Moore
Nancy Moorman
Meredith K. Morrill
Judy Morton
Sydney and Gregg E. Muenster
Leslie Negley
Ann and John Newman
Belinda and William Nixon
Mary Quandt
Anne and Jeff Rochelle
William Scanlan, Jr.
Martha Seeligson
Lyn and Peter C. Selig
Jordan Vexler Shannon and Albert Shannon
Patricia and John Smothers
Debi Sovereign
Albert Steg
Jennifer and Lloyd Tannenbaum
Susan and Larry Todd
Mary West and Richard Traylor
Bette and Jack Vexler
Robin and Jason Warman
Bob Webster
Stephanie and Christopher Wilde
Julie and Warren Wilkinson
Joan and W. Reed Williams
Alisa Wilma and Paul Butler
Thomas Wirth
Ann and Forrest Word
Julie and Peter Zacher