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BET Seminars

BOOK YOUR BOKWA EXPERT TRAINING SEMINAR - keep watching for dates and location to be announced soon!! Bokwa Expert

· BOKWA brings to you a fitness seminar like never before !! a full day
seminar including live TECHNIQUE MASTERING and CREATIVE REMXING ensuring
every class you deliver is Unique, giving you all the tools needed,
keeping your skills fresh and your participants eyes shining.

· We rewind with you back to your first steps with Bokwa and recapture
the creative spirit that brought you here ignite your subconscious with
the benefits of the fundamentals of what Bokwa truly is.

· We love Bokwa we shout and we make a lot of noise about it but still
people in our neighborhoods are hearing the message.

· Our Seminar includes a 2 hours workshop on CONFIDENCE BUILDING,
business and branding, key words and how to correctly word and target
your marketing to make sure your classes are full.

· Bokwa is for everyone, but are you sure you are covering all corners
of your MARKETING STRATEGY - to ensure that message is being correctly
translated in your everyday advertising and marketing?

High and low seasons? - keep your classes full all year.