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March 2016 - India

17th April 2016 - Florida.


Roles and Responsibilities: Ambassador Badge

The main role of a Bokwa Ambassador is to assist your BEST with events and advertising, to create awareness of the program and generate sign-ups to Bokwa certifications, whilst also supporting local instructors. BA´s are of course working with the BEST in their area but not always physically with the BEST. Allowed to travel outside the BESTs area.
Teaching of Bokwa Ambassador Masterclasses with 2 other instructors and assisting in certifications are part of the Ambassador responsibilities.

Selection process:

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to show your interest. Detailed information for the application process will be send to you.


Climb up the ladder of success and become more involved in the company

Be the first choice for vacant B.E.S.T positions

„Specialist Sequence“ written on paper given in training

Ticket sales from Bokwa Buzzers that you organize with instructors.

FREE entry to BEAT events.

Dedicated email address to be used in conjunction with your Bokwa Ambassador position only.